During the covid-19 response period, our pastoral support is still available but in different formats.  For example: phone calls, online chats and small groups, email conversations.  If you would like to know more, use the ‘Contact Us’ form to get in touch.

Below is a description of what happens in more normal times

Pastoral support at CCSC is available from 

·       the elders and staff

·       organised small groups

·       other people whom we sit alongside on Sundays and live alongside during the week.

At church on Sundays

We look out for each other during and after services, praying together about the situations we share, trying to notice when people are missing and might be in need.  

Prayer cards on seats – a simple way of requesting some support and/or requesting private follow-up.  Fill in the card and return it to the Church Office box on the table at the back of church.

One to ones 

All of the church staff and elders are delighted to spend personalised time with you when needed.  
This can be a one-off or a series of meet-ups.

How to contact: