Life can be tough.  As a church family, we prayerfully support each other through the ups and downs of life as disciples of Jesus.  Also, all of the church staff are delighted to spend personalised time with you when needed.  A simple way of requesting some support and/or requesting private follow-up is by email (see who’s who to match a face to an email):

Crisis moments

In some life situations, deeper pastoral support may be helpful. There may be some particular, overwhelming issue or need – circumstances, a pressing question, or an emotional or mental health struggle. You may want a season of steady prayerful input.

Flo offers biblical counselling support to church members, whether formal or informal, multi-session or one-off.

This may be similar to a secular talking therapy, but taking account of the fact that we live in God’s world as his people.  So, we can take him up on his promise that his word, the Bible, will give us everything we need to follow him, in great sorrow or in rejoicing. Our heavenly Father gives us great hope, that we can grow, change and mature in our walk with him – and that whatever befalls us, we are never beyond his loving care.

Please feel free to get in touch for more information or for a chat.